7th and 8th Grade Confirmation Videos

No Confirmation classes on Wednesday November 25th and 26th. 

Week #7: November 11th Online 7th Grade Confirmation: Moses the Frustrated Leader (Continued)


Week #7: November 11th Online 8th Grade Confirmation: The 6th Commandment: You Shall Not Commit Adultery


Week #6 November 5th Online 7th Grade Confirmation: Moses the Frustrated Leader


Week #6: November 4th Online 8th Grade Confirmation: You shall not Murder



Week #5 October 29th Confirmation for 7th Grade: Joseph: King of Dreams : (No video of the class to watch on Facebook. You need to watch the movie by Dreamwork’s and answer the question sheet and turn in via email or drop it off. You can pick up a copy of the Movie from the church to watch at home.)

Week #5 October 28th Confirmation for 8th Grade: The Fourth Commandment: Honor Your Father and Your Mother



No Classes on October 21st and 22nd


Week #4 October 15th Confirmation for 7th Grade: Jacob the Conniving Survivor


Week #4 October 14th Confirmation for 8th Grade: The Third Commandment



Week #3 October 7th Confirmation for 8th Grade: The Second Commandment


Week # 3  October 8th Confirmation for 7th Grade: Abraham and Sarah The Ordinary Patriarchs



Week #2 September 30th Confirmation for 8th Grade: The First Commandment. (No Video for this class and email with materials will be sent out. Complete the materials and email or bring in the completed packet.)

Week #2 October 1st Confirmation for 7th Grade: Noah



Week #1 September 24th Confirmation for 7th Grade: Adam and Eve


Week #1  September 23rd Confirmation for 8th Grade: Why did God give his people the 10 Commandments?